Going to Kids4Peace showed me there is no reason to think that we must live separately. We need peace.

Kids4Peace for me is a place where I express everything in my heart especially the violence that is happening between Israel and Palestine. Kids4Peace is my second home.​


I am getting to learn about myself and how I feel around other people that are not welcome in my society. I know that every person can affect his/her people and society and can teach them the things we learn at Kids4Peace.

Peace is possible, but it is very hard to get. We worked on it a long time, and now we are listening and saying what is in our hearts.

The young nervous girl that I was at 11 has become a person who is much more aware and outspoken about the injustices brought about by uninformed and misinformed prejudice.

We are kids, but we can send the message of peace to other kids, and in the end we will find peace. Peace begins with children and fills the whole earth.

When you understand and respect my religion, you understand and respect the deepest part of me.

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