Share your Shares

Making a gift of appreciated stocks can be a great way to support Kids4Peace and realize tax savings.

When you donate the shares directly to Kids4Peace, you receive a double tax benefit by avoiding capital gains on the profit you’ve earned and receiving a full tax deduction for the fair market value of your gift.


1. TO YOUR BROKER: Provide the information below, to initiate the transaction.

Kids4Peace Brokerage Account
Receiving Firm Name: Fidelity Investments
Receiving Firm DTC Number: 0226
Name of Account Holder: Kids4Peace International Inc
Account Holder Number: 676-157359
Account Registration Type: Corporation

Please Include

Symbol or CUSIP of Stock being Transferred
Number of Shares being Transferred
Lot Details: Cost Basis and specified lot being transferred (may want to consult tax advisor when specifying lot being donated)
Your name

If you have questions, contact Kids4Peace’s account manager:

Mark E. Wilson
Branson, Fowlkes & Company, Inc.
3300 Chimney Rock, Suite 100-B
Houston, Texas 77056
713.780.0606 voice
713.780.0072 fax

2. TO KIDS4PEACE: Let us know when you’ve made the gift, since your name and contact information are not always included in the transaction.

Email Executive Director Fr. Josh Thomas ( with your name, address, the number and type of shares, and any special designation for your gift.  We’d like to thank you personally!