Our Statement on Jerusalem

By December 6, 2017 Home Page

Kids4Peace continues grassroots work for change

December 6, 2017

While today’s announcement from President Trump brings joy to some and anger to others, the reality of Jerusalem remains the same: a deeply divided city, holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews, where Israelis and Palestinians both seek to realize their national aspirations, and where violence and inequality sadly continue.

But tomorrow, Kids4Peace programs will bring together 200 youth from across Jerusalem – Israelis and Palestinians; Christians, Muslims and Jews. Another 35 will meet for a seminar this weekend. And hundreds will gather next week for our annual winter event, as we mark 15 years of interfaith peacebuilding work in Jerusalem.

Week after week, our youth are meeting for creative, nonviolent programs where they can express themselves, have difficult conversations, learn about each other’s realities, and gain skills and courage to build a more just and peaceful Jerusalem – together.

That holy work continues, tomorrow and every day. We have shown that a community of peacemakers, rooted in faith, and committed to one another, can grow in size and strength, no matter the challenges.

How you can help:

  • Follow Kids4Peace on social media Facebook, Instagram , Twitter. Share stories that focus on the people of Jerusalem – and their work together for peace. Help promote a narrative that unites rather than divides.
  • Invest financially in Kids4Peace. Today, Kids4Peace reaches 400 families across Jerusalem’s diverse religious and political spectrum. Demand for our programs is high, and with your help we can reach more youth. $100 provides a weekly youth meeting, and $1,000 supports a young peacemaker for a whole year of dialogue, leadership and social action programs. Donate online.
  • Join Kids4Peace in Jerusalem. On your next visit, come and see first-hand this prophetic and inspirational community. Become part of Kids4Peace’s global movement for change. Email experience@k4p.org for details.