K4P Jerusalem Leadership Transition

By February 1, 2017 Blog, Home Page

To the Kids4Peace Community –

Rebecca Sullum and Mohammad Joulany, opening our new Kids4Peace Jerusalem office in 2012.

Over the last five years, Rebecca Sullum and Mohammad Joulany have led Kids4Peace Jerusalem with courage and commitment.

In their partnership as Israeli and Palestinian co-directors, they have set an example of true friendship and solidarity in the struggle for a better future.  And thanks to their hard work, Kids4Peace has grown in size and strength, even through the most challenging days.

Rebecca and Mohammad have announced that they will conclude their work as Co-Directors at the end of February.  We will miss them deeply and will make time to honor and celebrate their work in the coming months.

Scroll down to read messages from Mohammad and Rebecca.  

Together, Mohammad and Rebecca opened Kids4Peace Jerusalem’s first permanent office, launched new local summer and year-round programs,  and forged relationships with diplomats and government partners.  They have built a powerful team of Palestinian & Israeli staff and advisors, and they helped keep hope alive during times of violence and fear.

Mohammad and Rebecca have been role models, mentors and guides for more than a thousand Kids4Peace youth, family and staff on their journey as peacemakers.  They have left a lasting impact on Kids4Peace, and we will carry their legacy forward.  Please join me in expressing thanks to Rebecca and Mohammad for their five outstanding years of service – and for building a dedicated, highly-skilled staff team who will carry this work forward.

Here’s what will happen next:

  1. Meredith Rothbart, our Director of Development and long-time Kids4Peace staff member, will take on the position of Acting Director.

    Meredith Rothbart (Acting Director) and Reeham Subhi (Senior Palestinian Advisor)

    She will be responsible for staff leadership and organizational management, including our relationship with USAID.  Alongside Meredith, Reeham Subhi will serve as Senior Palestinian Advisor.  Reeham is our most experienced Muslim educator and has worked most recently with the youth leadership program.  Together, Meredith and Reeham will ensure that Israeli and Palestinian voices are equally involved in all decision-making.  They are an amazing team, and I know they will continue to move our community forward.

  2. This spring, we will begin a process to select our next long-term leaders for Kids4Peace Jerusalem.  This is an exciting time of organizational development and growth.  Through our partnership with USAID, Kids4Peace is adding hundreds of new families to our community and equipping our youth to be leaders of change.   Together, we are building a large and powerful pro-peace community.  And that means implementing the management systems and structure we need to support this growth.  In the next few months, we will seek input from youth, families and staff as we develop a job description and begin a search for candidates.

For now, Kids4Peace Jerusalem is in great hands.  Our community is strong and our mission is more important than ever.   In the face of fear and despair, Kids4Peace is a sign of hope.  Together we are lighting the way to a better future.

With gratitude,

Fr. Josh Thomas
Executive Director

It has been a honor and pleasure co-directing Kids4Peace Jerusalem for the past five years.  K4P was not only my job but my community and family.

It was the place which made it possible for me to carry out my deepest beliefs and ideals. It allowed me to live my dream, working towards peace side by side with Palestinian partners.
I am moving on to grow my family, expecting twins this summer will be my next challenges. I am incredibly appreciative to both my Jerusalem and USA colleagues whom I have enjoyed working with. A special Shukran,Todah to Mohammad and Josh who have been by my side the entire way.
Kids4Peace Jerusalem is a strong and vibrant interfaith community with nearly 500 families from across Jerusalem. I am very proud of our amazing Jerusalem team – Ismat, Sarah, Montaser, Adnan, Reeham, Nir, Guy, Jill, Liana, Michal, Ghadeer, Dima and Meredith and I am certain that with their leadership the community will continue to grow and share the message that together peace is possible
– Rebecca Sullum
Working at Kids4Peace has been such an inspiring and wonderful experience. The journey started over seven years ago when I decided to join as a volunteer – in order to make the change I wanted to see in my city of Jerusalem.
Over the years, I learned a lot and I had the opportunity to meet great individuals. Today I move to another chapter in my life and am excited for the new challenges.
I leave Kids4Peace with confidence that together we can make change in Israel, Palestine, the States, and worldwide. I leave the team in Jerusalem with confidence that they can lead the organization forward to more achievements and growth.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that contributed to my amazing experience. Henry , Josh, Diane, Rebecca, the board, staff in Jerusalem and the States, and of course the kids and parents. Thank you for all your support during my leadership.
– Mohammad Joulany