New Board Member: Dany Bahar

By January 17, 2016 Blog, Home Page


Welcome to Dr. Dany Bahar, our newest Kids4Peace International Board member, elected January 2016. 

Dany Bahar is an economist affiliated with The Brookings Institution and with Harvard’s Center for International Development. His research is focused on topics related to economic growth and development.

Dany Bahar was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela to second generation Jewish holocaust-survivor immigrants from Europe. At age 22 he immigrated to Israel, where he served in the Israel Defense Forces, worked for several years in both the public and private sector and received an MA in Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During his time in Israel he was highly involved in the pro-peace camp. He later moved to Cambridge, MA where he completed a PhD in Public Policy at Harvard University in 2014.
As of today, while he resides in the US, he visits Israel regularly.  He blogs on topics related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in and is a fierce believer of the two state solution as the only way to achieve sustainable peace in the region while respecting the rights of self determination of both people.
“I’m excited to join an organization that builds the future while not ignoring the present. Our kids in K4P represent the best of both the Israeli and Palestinian society: they represent hope, but not naiveté. They are represent hope because they are part of the solution and not the problem, and because they embrace co-existence and respect as a core value. But also, they do not act out of naiveté, because through their involvement in K4P they understand the complexity of the situation they inherited from the previous generation. I believe that the teenagers that are part  of K4P today represent, potentially, the last generation that can solve the conflict in a sustainable manner. Therefore, I am aware of the importance of K4P in the future of the region.”