A night of hope and inspiration

By November 30, 2015 March 19th, 2016 Blog

Last Thursday night was a night of hope and inspiration. All of our youth, parents, and steering committee met and discussed different topics.

Leap (7th grade) finished designing and decorating the candles they created at our Ein Gedi seminar. They then had a dialogue about:

  • The different perceptions of Jerusalem.
  • The importance of personal relationships to strengthening our community and therefore achieving peace.


Roots and Leadership watched a documentary called Fire Lines (including popcorn!) and then dialogued about several topics that arose from the film including identifying with the characters and how the conflict was portrayed in the film. Some questions and answers are below:

Why do you think the Palestinians went to help the Israelis put out the fire?
“In the end we’re all human beings, it doesn’t matter if you’re Palestinian or Israeli when there is danger affecting both of you at the same time.” -Hassan, age 13, Muslim

Which character did you identify with the most?
“When the Palestinian firefighters didn’t get the permits to be appreciated, the other half who did get permits decided not to attend the appreciation ceremony–which made them cancel the event. I really identify with this and would also have decided not to attend even if I had a permit.” -Zeina, age 13, Muslim

The parents gathered outside for coffee and dialogue. Their discussions continued the Parents Program curriculum on the challenges of parenting youth in conflict.



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