Grateful in Boston

By August 9, 2015 August 10th, 2015 Blog, Boston, Camp

11705351_10153388588706066_409844973172011895_n 11056538_10153388589361066_2616636572817550678_nWe spent the morning reflecting on our time here together through a camp-wide scavenger hunt that reminded us of everything we have done and worked on so far.

Hidden on trees and rocks and by buildings and benches, campers found slips of paper with words and themes from our week, such as “perspective,” “community,” and “empathy” among others. We shared with our peace pals which themes spoke to us the most, reinforcing the importance of the activities we did around them.

We ended the day and our time in New Hampshire the same way we do every year in Kids4Peace, with a campfire and songs! Each peace pod prepared their favorite song to lead the rest of the group in as we enjoyed the stunning mountains around the lake for the last time.

We asked all the kids to spend a moment and reflect on what they are grateful for and what they appreciated here in Kids4Peace. Here is just a small sampling of the thoughts they shared:

“I’m grateful to be here and meet new people and help change the world.”

“This couldn’t have been possible if everyone hadn’t tried, and we all had a heart and did try.”

“I’m grateful for Merrowvista giving us a place to stay at night.”

“I’m grateful for all the people here who have good hearts, because you have to have a good heart to make peace.”

11825231_10153388589456066_5845899781457608900_n“I’m grateful this isn’t the end.”

And we are too! This is not the end of our time together as we pack up to head down to Boston bright and early tomorrow morning. It was also mentioned many times by campers around the fire how grateful they were to have their peace pals here and we can’t wait to enjoy the rest of our time with them!