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Welcome to Kids4Peace Vermont

The program is called Kids4Peace. It was started 10 years ago in Jerusalem.  Dr. Henry Ralph Carse, an American from Vermont working at St. George’s College, gathered with parents from the three religions.  They wanted to find a way to take kids out of the violence in Israel/Palestine to bring them to the United States for a safe camping experience. The program now has chapters in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia, Texas, Canada, Massachusetts, and Vermont.


The camp will bring together 18 kids from Israel/Palestine, 9 kids from Vermont and 9 kids from New Hampshire. Each group of 9 will be made up of 3 Christian, 3 Muslim, and 3 Jewish kids,  boys and  girls from each faith, around the age of 12. The 36 kids will spend 10 days together doing typical camp stuff, along with learning about each others’ faiths, overcoming stereotypes and developing mutual respect. They’ll visit a church, a mosque, and a synagogue. The teen leaders (one from each faith) and kids and parents meet for six months in preparation, and then commit themselves to post camp interfaith opportunities for a year.

There are a number of us able to be closely involved in planning.  Some of us are lending our names to the Advisory Board. Most of us will be those who help get the word around, and become fund-raisers. A few more will become teachers and guides and coaches along the way. And some may just want to be kept up-to-date on what’s happening. There are places for each of us with our skills and our time available… and as a team we can share the excitement of helping to bring peace and understanding to this part of the world.