In Jerusalem, youth participate in a full six-year program of activities with their age cohort.  In the North America, chapters host similar programs for American participants, focusing on local interfaith challenges and the role of US youth as global citizens. 


Year 1 – Kids4Peace Camps

Age 12: 6th Grade

The Kids4Peace journey begins in the 6th grade bringing together Jewish, Christian, and Muslim youth and their families from  the Jerusalem area. The kids from the three faiths meet together in small groups with their faith advisors to begin the process of learning about and understanding each other. Year 1 participants meet biweekly to get to know each other and become friends before traveling to camp in the USA during the summer.

Year 2 – Leap

Age 13: 7th Grade

The Continuation program brings the lessons learned at camp in the US back home. Leap4Peace gathers all of the Year1 groups together for a larger, more comprehensive program during 7th grade. As the first year in the continuation program, Leap focuses on the themes of friendship and community. The youth get to know each other, their families, cultures, traditions, and faiths as they learn to not only accept but respect and appreciate their similarities and differences.

Year 3 – Roots​

Age 14: 8th Grade

The theme for Roots4Peace is identity, and that’s exactly what solidifies during the second year of continuation. Roots participants gather monthly to visit each others’ neighborhoods and sacred places, volunteer in the community, and look deeper into their own identity and how they fit into the larger community. As Roots participants mature into young adults, Kids4Peace facilitates more intensive programs including weekend seminars and a local summer program.

Year 4 – Leadership

Age 15: 9th Grade

Leadership is a relatively new program in Kids4Peace, particularly for older teenagers. Leadership  empowers selected participants with peacebuilding skills and mentoring relationships to address the challenges and opportunities of growing into young adults in a conflict zone. Participants travel back to the US in the summer where they live as a community; sharing the cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks, meeting experienced religious, diplomatic and civic leaders, and participating in dialogue and leadership skills workshops.

Year 5 – Counselors in Training​

Age 16: 10th Grade

After five years as participants, the youth have the unique opportunity to take part in a counselor in training course. Upon completio of the year long course the participants can join the staff of Kids4Peace as young leaders in a growing movement. These counselors are young staff members who have graduated from Kids4Peace. They assist the faith advisors in developing and running programs throughout the year and may escort the Year 1 participants to the US

Year 6 – Young Adults

Age 17: 11th Grade

This new program reunites our most committed youth for high-level lectures and presentations, dialogue with decision-makers, community projects, and conversation about moving into adulthood as peacemakers — addressing decisions relating to college, work, family and military service.

Alumni Program​

Kids4Peace alumni have the opportunity to come back to Kids4Peace and help out wherever possible. Whether as faith advisors, facilitators, artists, or one-time volunteers, Kids4Peace alumni are always welcome. Events throughout Jerusalem keep the groups and families in touch with each other, encouraging later involvement of Kids4Peace graduates.