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Sermons about Kids4Peace

Br. Mark Brown, SSJE.  “Kids4Peace: Tools and Torches”

Why am I so involved personally? It has to do with that breathtaking vision: “Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of our God…of Zion it shall be said, ‘everyone was born in her’”. The mother city, the humanity to which we all belong as God’s children. A vision of inclusion, of expansiveness. A vision of wide embrace, even embrace of ancient enemies: Egypt, Babylon, Philistia–“in Zion were they born”.

See photos from Kids4Peace’s visit to the Society of St. John the Evangelist monastery, Cambridge, MA. 



Interfaith Prayers During a Time of Violence

During the fighting in Gaza in 2012, the Kids4Peace community gathered for an evening of dialogue and payer.



  • Safe Kids4Peace: Kids4Peace requires all staff and volunteers to receive culturally-appropriate training in the prevention of child abuse and exploitation.  All adults who work with youth must complete a background check and commit to following Kids4Peace policies. Email info@k4p.org for details.