New Chapters

Bring Kids4Peace to Your Community

We’re excited to begin launching new chapters across the United States!

During a time of increased religious discrimination and growing division in our country, it is critical that we equip youth with knowledge of diverse faith traditions, skills to stand up for each other, and ways make a positive difference in their communities.


Watch the Webinar Recording

Learn how to start a local chapter in your community

Discuss how Kids4Peace is responding to division, hatred and violence

Find out what a Kids4Peace Chapter looks like
Youth, volunteers, program, structure, systems and more!

Hear about curriculum, training, coaching and other ways the K4P staff will help you

Jordan Goldwarg

Jordan Goldwarg

Director of Chapter Development


Are you ready to go?

If you have a critical mass of interested youth, volunteers, and religious congregations, then we’re excited to help you launch your chapter!

Apply now to join our Fall Cohort of Startup Chapters.

You’ll benefit from brand-new curriculum resources, expert coaching by Kids4Peace staff, and a virtual community of other local chapter volunteers.  Through webinars, online resources, and optional in-person trainings, you’ll learn best practices and collaborate with others committed to this mission of growing interfaith understanding and empowering youth to be leaders for peace in their communities.



Jordan Goldwarg

Hannah Hochkeppel

Jordan Goldwarg is Regional Director of Kids4Peace in the Northwest.  He will lead the Startup Webinar and Fall Cohort of New Chapters.   A former high school teacher, Jordan has been on staff with Kids4Peace for four years.  He led the successful startup of K4P’s Seattle Chapter and directs the Global Institute, our signature advocacy program in Washington, DC.

Hannah Hochkeppel is Program Director of the K4P Seattle chapter and will provide educational resources, curriculum and training to new chapters.  Hannah is a Roman Catholic religious educator and is currently pursuing her doctorate in education, with a focus on interfaith education and peacebuilding.