Kids4Peace Jerusalem

Kids4Peace is a grassroots interfaith youth movement dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in Jerusalem and other divided societies around the world.

أطفال لأجل السلام هي حركة شعبية شبابية من مختلف الأديان مكرسة لإنهاء الصراعات وزرع الأمل في مدينة القدس وفي المجتمعات المتناحرة الأخرى حول العالم.

ילדים של שלום היא תנועת נוער בין-דתית המחוברת במהותה לקהילה. תנועת הנוער מוקדשת לסיום קונפליקטים ומפיצה תקווה בירושלים ובחברות מפולגות ברחבי העולם.

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Why Jerusalem?

Kids4Peace Jerusalem is a community who share in the life of the city of Jerusalem and regard it as sacred and holy. Kids4Peace youth come from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim families, many who have been living in the greater Jerusalem area for generations. While historically these different communities lived side-by-side without ever engaging the other, Kids4Peace is helping to bring the youth of Jerusalem and their families together, to create a community of leaders acting for lasting change.

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