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K4P Seattle: Please, Keep Talking Behind My Back!

by Pam Orbach, Kids4Peace Seattle Dialogue Facilitator It’s been a wonderful first year of Kids4Peace in Seattle. The gift I have experienced as dialogue facilitator has been to watch our 13-year-old future peace leaders grow together. They have learned the art of acceptance and belonging; they have forged bonds and increased their commitment — to each […]

Day of Nakba: A day to be proactive

by Mohammad Joulany, K4P Jerusalem Co-Director Yesterday marked sixty-seven years of what my people refer to as “Nakba day” which means the day of the catastrophe. On the day of Nakba I remember my grandfather who was forced to move from his spacious apartment in Baka to live in a tiny room in the Muslim quarter […]

Returning to Ramallah

by Meredith Rothbart, K4P Director of Development “Have you ever been to Ramallah?” This seems like a simple question. If you were to ask me if I’d been to New York, I would say, “Yes, I have been to New York.” If you were to ask me if I have been to China, I would […]

Leadership youth face racism together

by Guy, Facilitator for Kids4Peace Jerusalem’s Leadership Group We arrived at Ein Gedi on time where the weather was excellent, and the youth were at their best, cheerful and engaged.  We had one workshop before the Sabbath designing and brainstorming ideas for a billboard that represents our work in Kids4Peace…. (On the last day of the leadership camp […]

Our narratives for the same event cannot be more different

by Udi, Kids4Peace Jerusalem Steering Committee Chair As we are approaching Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haaztmaut Israel’s Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers of the IDF and Day of independence, we are also nearing the Nakba. These events play a major symbolic role in the dispute between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Whilst one people […]

Popsicles, games, cheers, and letting kids be kids

by Mike, K4P Jerusalem volunteer There’s nothing so simple and joyful as just watching kids at play. You give them the space to run and jump and laugh and express themselves, and everything else seems to just fall away. But sometimes it’s not as simple as it seems. On Friday, April 17th, I spent the […]

Alex | “A rational and compassionate answer”

Alex Milkie has always had connections to the Middle East. His family originally came from the Middle East, modern day Syria and Lebenon. Though he was raised  in the United States by a Catholic mother and an Orthodox Christian father, Alex explained that “no one spoke Arabic but we had a strong Arabic tradition in […]

Roots: Strengthening Group Identity through Social Change

   by Liana, Jewish Advisor,  For the Roots  group, as the year is coming to an end and we are preparing for camp, we decided it was time for a project. For some kind of social/community project that would both bring the youth together to strengthen their group identity, as well as something that would […]

What if Trading Cards Could Change the World?

How can we take the message of Kids4Peace and bring it to a larger audience? How can games and competition be used to build empathy? Can trading cards really change the world? On March 22, the youth of Kids4Peace Seattle thought about all of these questions and more. For our monthly meeting, we partnered with […]

An interview with Fr. Josh Thomas

by Michal Ner-David, Jewish Advisor, Jerusalem The past year in Israel, but especially in Jerusalem, has been horrifying. First there was the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish young men on their way home from school, then Operation “Protective Edge”, then the murder of an Arab teenager by a Jewish gang, and then an unleashing of racism […]

We stood Together. And that has made all the difference.

We Are Thankful This Year, Kids4Peace faced a world of violence and fear. But we faced it together. Over and over again, Kids4Peace came together when it seemed impossible. At Ramadan iftar during the Gaza fighting. At a demonstration for peace on the streets of Jerusalem. We stood together. You stood with us. With more […]

Light in the Midst of Dark Times by Rebecca

The Jerusalem “Bridge of Strings” that was inaugurated in June 2008 greets every visitor that enters into Jerusalem. The huge bridge has forever changed the Jerusalem skyline, as it can be seen from many places in the city. The bridge was created to carry the Jerusalem light rail that has recently been both a target […]

A Very Special Thank You, from Montaser

  by Montaser Amro My name is Montaser Mohammad Mousa Khalil Suliman Mohammad Abdulrahman Mohammad Amro, but you can call me Mono. Recently, however, since returning to America, many people have had troubles with Mono, so I’m considering making it even simpler- Mike. Maybe even M. My story and the reason WHY I’m here, however, […]

Naomi reflects; “We listened to the youth to build a program that met their needs.”

by Naomi Rouach, former Co-Director of Education Naomi joined Kids4Peace in 2006 as a Jewish Advisor and since then, together with Reeham Subhi, she founded Leap, Roots, Leadership, and Counselors in Training programs in Kids4Peace. Naomi studied Judaism and Christianity at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has a teaching certificate from Kerem. Naomi completed the Seeds of […]

Hannah | “A symbol and sign of peace worldwide”

Hannah Hochkeppel is an enthusiastic Kids4Peace leader who is originally from Virginia. She grew up as a Christian Baptist, however in college, Hannah became a Catholic and went on to study Pastoral Studies in graduate school at Seattle University. She is currently a children’s minister at a Catholic Church in the Seattle area. I got […]

Kate | “We can learn from our children”

Kate Atkinson was brought up in the Episcopal Church with her time divided between England and Connecticut and is now an Episcopal Priest at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Kate described to me a childhood where her family regularly hosted students from other countries.  “I grew up knowing people of different countries, nationalities and religions. It […]

Dick | A bridge builder

Dick Dutton is currently co-chair of the New Hampshire/ Vermont Chapter of Kids4Peace with Rabbi Robin Nafshi, and as a part of this role he “gets people, organizations and communities together” in the cause for peace. Though the New Hampshire Kids4Peace is brand new, Dick’s personal experience with peacebuilding is extensive and frankly, impressive. Dick […]

Montaser Amro “We plant the seed of peace”

Montaser Amro, or as his friends call him, Mono, is from the city of Hebron the southern West Bank. He related to me that he grew up surrounded by a city of mainly close minded people, not open to new ideas and often unwilling to seek peace. “My family understands and supports me in my […]

Marathoning for Peace

K4P Northwest Regional Director Jordan Goldwarg and Sam McVeety at the finish line of the Sunriver Marathon.   by Jordan Goldwarg, K4P Northwest Regional Director Earlier this summer, Sam McVeety and I were thinking of innovative ways to fundraise for Kids4Peace Seattle. We decided to indulge our love of running and train together for a marathon, […]

Hope Beyond the Walls: Hamze’s speech at the US Capitol

Trying to bring both sides to understand that both nations want peace and a better future for their children takes hard work.  There are accusations of betrayal  which is common against those who dare to dream and work for a shared future for both sides. Hamze Awawdeh is a Palestinian from Dura in the West Bank, near […]

Hassan| I Saw a Change

Eventually I’d like to return to Jerusalem to work in the politics of the region. Originally from Jerusalem, and now a university student in Menton, France, Hassan Abu Dalo descends from a Muslim background. He says that coming into Kids4Peace, he had little knowledge of his own religion. He grew up in a Jewish neighborhood […]

Logan| Wise Beyond their Years

Invest in the kids that are going to shape the future by giving them an environment that is conducive to their own discussion. Dynamism is a lifestyle: the mission is not one until the problem is solved. You have to set goals, and K4P has those goals at its core. Logan Crossley just joined Kids4Peace […]

Maddie | Close Friends

 That’s what I love about K4P: I get an inside look into what others believe is the way to start solving problems and becoming peacemakers. As a high school junior living in Waterbury, Vermont, Maddie Baughman was one of our youngest counselors in 2013. She participated in Leadership Camp in 2012, and was a camper […]

Hagop | K4P Changed My Perspective

Back when I was a kid I had thoughts about revenge, and I have experienced an amazing 180 degree change—I’m really happy. I have hope and faith that there will be peace, maybe not my generation or my kids’, but we have to work for it and teach our kids the right way. Hagop is […]

Natalie Portman Visits K4P Jerusalem

On Thursday the 20th of February K4P Jerusalem had the pleasure to welcome actress and activist Natalie Portman to our offices. She took a break from filming her directorial debut here in Jerusalem to visit, an adaption of Israeli novelist Amos Oz’s acclaimed memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness.   With people arriving early […]

Magda | Camp is Over, K4P is Not

I learned so much about other faith traditions and myself. I learned about self-reliance, patience, kindness, acceptance, love, and friendship   Magda attended Kids4Peace Atlanta in the Summer of 2013. She is pictured with artwork created for a gallery display at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with National Geographic’s Jerusalem IMAXmovie.   A little more […]

Brian | A Faith Based Program

This is going to become the thing that stops the conflict and that allows both sides to start talking to one another. Kids are going to not only be the future, but also the force that influences the present. Brian Sullivan, the current President of Kids4Peace International, was born in White Plains, NY, but moved […]

Raouf | Acting for Peace

I believe Kids4Peace is thus the place where a real interfaith movement can be built. It is the place where we can give our children the chance to grow up believing in peace and justice, hoping that they will use these tools to do what they can to change the violence and discrepancy in our […]

Nancy | Recognition and Respect

Kids4Peace helped me recognize my own faith while respecting the cultural and religious differences of others. It is that recognition and respect that we hope Kids4Peace offers the children, as well as the adult staff. Nancy Stone is a volunteer with Kids4Peace Vermont and the art teacher for the Vermont/New Hampshire summer camp.  Describe your […]

George | “It Challenged Me”

I found through K4P that the best types of relationships are the ones that challenge you to expand your point of view George Spencer is from Atlanta, Georgia and joined Kids4Peace in 2005.  He is currently a student at UNC-Chapel Hill.  How did you change because of Kids4Peace?  I think Kids4Peace was the first time […]

Matt | Inspiring Friendships

For Matt Loper, a job with Kids4Peace seemed unimaginable six years ago. While in undergraduate, he studied theater design and human development at Northwestern University and had no connection to K4P during his college career or even any aspirations to work with youth. But after connecting with the “incredibly inspiring” participants that first summer of […]

Interfaith Iftar in Jerusalem: Community, Prayer and Hope during war

Last night, Kids4Peace Jerusalem protested against the violence. We left our families, we left our bomb shelters, our neighborhoods, our villages, to come together as a community. Yes, many of us were terrified. Some community members and even staff sent messages of love and support but were too afraid to join. In Kids4Peace Jerusalem, many […]

From the Director: Together In Pain & Hope | Ways to Help

To the Kids4Peace Community, As Shabbat comes to Jerusalem on this first Friday of Ramadan, our prayers are mixed with tears.An escalation of violence in Jerusalem and the surrounding region has brought death and suffering to yet more Palestinian and Israeli families. Calls for retaliation and vengeance threaten further destruction.In the midst of overwhelming fear, […]


With heavy hearts, Kids4Peace mourns the continued loss of life and suffering throughout Jerusalem and the surrounding region. At a time of great fear, when voices of retaliation and anger grow louder, Kids4Peace is committed to resisting violence in all its forms and working together for lasting change. As a first step, we invite you […]

Jodi | A K4P Mom’s Story

The mission and philosophy of Kids4Peace paralleled our beliefs and that which we are teaching our son. It is my greatest hope my child and his children will live in a world where all humanity can live in peace, accepting and celebrating each other’s differences. My son, Eli, loves to tell the story of how he […]

Remembering Ahmad Amara

Ahmad Amara May 1926- February 2014 Ahmad’s accounts of growing up on the Palestine’s coastal city of Jaffa included pleasant memories of visits by Jewish friends to his grandfather’s orange grove. One of his earliest memories is of visiting his mother in the hospital shortly before she died, when he was 5 years old. “The […]

Thanks for Believing

“Together, we are standing up against those who say peace is impossible, who say violence and injustice will never end.  Together, we’re showing the world that youth have power; that religion can be a source of unity; and that Jerusalem can be a city of peace once again.”     Josh Thomas Executive Director This […]

Toot, Louis & May | A Community of Respect

K4p for me is already a community that represents that future, the future of this land. A community of respect, a place where everyone is equally represented with the same opportunity, a place were Arabs and Jews sit beside each other as one community.      Presentation at the Kids4Peace 10th Anniversary Celebration January, 2012, […]

Emily | “Peace Lasts”

We begin to have faith in human kind and gain the confidence to transform our violent and unjust surroundings into a land that we can feel content with due to the realization that one person has the ability to make a difference in the world through peace and communication.   Presentation to the 107th Annual […]

Youth Voices: “Peace Lasts”

“This camp begins the chain and process of peacemaking at an age before that toxic hate has the chance to penetrate their loving hearts. It plants the seed of reconciliation and unity in the middle of a battlefield.” Presentation to the 107th Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta (November, 2013) by Emily Combs (Christian – St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church), 2009 Atlanta Camper, 2013 Leadership Camp Participant, 2013 Leadership Camp Participant.

Jerusalem Continuation Weekends – Fall 2012

Leap and Roots both had incredible weekend experiences in the last two weeks. Roots dove into the questions and intricacies of “Identity” while overlooking a beautiful view of the Dead Sea in Ein Gedi. Leap developed a new definition of “Friendship” as the group went away together for the first time and had a blast […]

Continuation – Fall Meetings

Kids4Peace “Roots” met last week, formerly known as Continuation 2, and the kids could not have been more excited to get back in touch after a long summer away from each other. The meeting took place at the Anglican School in Jerusalem, a familiar locale where Bisli and Bamba eating comes naturally to Kids4Peace. After […]

Kids4Peace North Carolina Receives Bishop’s Medal

Kids4Peace received the 2012 Bishop’s Medal during the Eucharist at the 196th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Kids4Peace is a powerful peace program in which 12 Muslim, Jewish and Christian children from Jerusalem fly to one of four American camp sites to join 12 of their American peers for two weeks […]

Kids4Peace Leadership Camp Celebrates First Year

July’s Leadership Camp at Acer Farm in Brattleboro was nothing short of amazing.  The Muslim, Jewish and Christian teens, counselors, volunteers and guest educators harmonized to produce important breakthroughs in their relationships and understandings.  The twelve days together in Vermont were a powerful time, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. The Leadership Camp’s goals were threefold.   1) To […]