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Executive Director

Fr. Josh Thomas is an Episcopal priest, International Executive Director of Kids4Peace, and a member of the Alliance for Middle East Peace Board of Directors.  Thomas has over 15 years of experience leading interfaith education and peacebuilding programs for youth in the United States, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Jerusalem.   During his seven years as Executive Director, Kids4Peace has grown rapidly to become the largest and most diverse interfaith youth movement in Jerusalem and the first national network of interfaith youth programs in the United States. Today, Kids4Peace serves more than 500 families from East and West Jerusalem, and neighboring West Bank cities, through a unique model of long-term dialogue and social action programs, supported in part by an $800,000 grant from USAID.  In 2015, Kids4Peace received an innovation grant from the US Institute of Peace to explore sources of resilience during times of violence and the links between dialogue and social action in its Jerusalem programs.

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