Founded in Jerusalem in 2002, KIDS4PEACE is dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in divided societies around the world. We are a grassroots, global, interfaith youth movement.

Through a network of local chapters, we provide interfaith dialogue, leadership development and personal growth programs for more than 250 Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth each year.

  • 650 alumni in 12 years
  • 250 youth involved in 2013-2014 programs
  • 7 local chapters in the USA with 5 in formation
  • 6 year educational program (age 12-18)
  • Led by Jewish, Christian & Muslim staff and youth counselors

2013 Highlights

  • 6 summer camps serving 120 youth
  • Jerusalem directors presented at the European Union
  • Youth met President Abbas at regional seminar in Jordan
  • Duke University consulting team is assisting K4P with comprehensive impact evaluation

Peace in Action: Updates from K4P